Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fred Quimby

Quimby was born in Minneapolis, and started his career as a journalist. In 1907, he managed a film theater in Missoula, Montana. Later, he worked at Pathe rising to become a member of the board of directors before leaving in 1921 to become an independent producer. He was hired by Fox in 1924, and then MGM in 1927 to head its short features department. In 1937 he was assigned to put together its animation department.In 1938, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera presented him with their project for a series of cartoons featuring a cat and a mouse. Quimby approved and the result was Puss Gets The Boot, nominated for an Academy Award. As producer, Quimby became a repeated recipient of the Academy Award for Animated Short Film for the Tom and Jerry films, and his name became well known due to its prominence in the cartoon credits.

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